Netizens in shock as local man earned RM2,000 per day and is exempted from income tax

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  • Friday, 19 Jul 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – If you’re working this job, you don’t have to pay income tax, not even a bit! A Facebook post in KL Confession has recently stir up interests of many netizens as the thread starter revealed that he has been making RM2,000 daily from online gaming starting last year, but the substantial side income brings him nothing but chronic worrying of piquing LHDN’s attention.

KUALA LUMPUR – This job does not require you to pay income tax, not even a cent! A Facebook post in KL Confession has recently stirred up interests of many netizens as the thread starter revealed that he has been making RM2,000 daily from online gaming starting last year, but the substantial side income brings him nothing but worries of piquing LHDN’s attention.

The thread starter attached his bank statement as evidence of winning. He worried that the influx of money into his account will alert LHDN and bank.

“Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t dream of winning if me88 had not launched the <200% Welcome Bonus> & <Unlimited Instant Rebate> available for all members to claim. Plus, Malaysian Poker Queen also shared an interesting <Martingale Strategy> exclusively for me88 members!

A veteran statistician has verified and found that <Martingale Strategy> is a universal approach applicable in many scenarios – it is even used by investors to increase their ROI. <Martingale Strategy> implies that when you lose a game, double your bets for the second stake. When winning is secured, reset the bet to the base bet and start over. <Martingale Strategy> brilliance is that you are able to recoup losses and win it back in ONE shot.

Martingale Strategy is developed by Gambling Hall of Famer Mr. Martingale. It is one of the oldest but still useful investment and gambling strategy.

“I deposited RM100 into me88 and was rewarded RM200 <200% Welcome Bonus>. I follow exactly what stated in <Martingale Strategy> by setting RM50 as my base bet and double my bet for the next game when I lose. Once I win, I immediately reset it back it RM50 and keep playing. God knows this really worked, I won 15 out of 20 games and take home RM121,120.

The post has caught the eyes of many, some even expressed their willingness to claim to try out the

The social thread has silenced the doubters who believed it was a hoax. “I didn’t mean to show off but I just wanted to get the answer I’m looking for. Yes, even though I can now consistently make RM2,000 with bonuses from me88, but the sudden spike in income has caused me to worry about LHDN. I will be damned if LHDN discovered my side income is higher than my main!”

While many are making fun of the thread starter, a netizen replied that <Income Tax Act 1967> clearly stated that in Malaysia, income that generated through gambling is exempted from income tax. Plus, me88 is one of the few online casinos in Asia to be licensed and verified by more than 20 countries, one must not miss out is the world’s most reliable legal license that issued by Gaming Curacao. Public can get to check me88’s licence number GLH-OCCHKTW0705012022 on the official page of Gaming Curacao.“Apart from that, me88 will also provide legal statement for every cashout, you don’t have to worry about any legal issue or declare the winnings to LHDN,” quoted from the comment by netizen.

me88 is no stranger to collaborating with numerous celebrities & influencers like Gatita Yan & DJ Yanis and they joined forces with Namewee to produce phenomenal songs like <You Know Who Is My Father>. In addition, me88 partnered with Conor McGregor as a brand ambassador which further solidifying its reputation and brand image. These alone proved that me88 is way ahead of its competitor in terms of trustiness and legalness.

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Lee Mei Xia
200% welcome bonus? So high? Market macam giving up to 100% only leh
Jimmy Choo
Martingale Strategy? Anyone tried?
Benny Hi
I tried 2 days ago and won about RM5000!
Tan Hong Lee
Good leh, winning here no need to pay tax!
Macus Wong
Winning RM2000 per day? Got or not oh!
Liu Xiao Long
Try liao den you know lo. But their customer service really very good la, I tried liao!

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